Open Dylan 2013.2 released#

Dear Dylan Hacker,

It is a pleasure for us to announce a new release of Open Dylan.

Dylan is a multi-paradigm functional and object-oriented programming language. It is dynamic while providing a programming model designed to support efficient machine code generation, including fine-grained control over dynamic and static behaviors.

For more information on Open Dylan, see our website and our documentation.

We have extensive release notes, but this release has been about iterative improvement rather than major changes.

  • Testworks has seen substantial improvements.

  • Streams now default to being unlocked.

  • We’ve begun to work on improving cross-compilation.

  • Logging and hash-algorithms libraries have been added to the core release.

  • Common Dylan has improved timers (simple-timers) replacing the old compiler primitives.

  • Documentation has been improved.

Please report problems that you have in our issue tracker.

You can get it from our website, On Windows there is an installer, on UNIX systems unpack into /opt. On 64 bit Linux, you will need to have the Boehm GC installed for our executables to run. (Ubuntu: apt-get install libgc)

Good luck and happy Dylan hacking!