Open Dylan 2019.1 Released#

Posted on 31 March 2019

Dear Dylan Hacker,

It is a pleasure for us to announce a new release of Open Dylan.

Dylan is a multi-paradigm functional and object-oriented programming language. It is dynamic while providing a programming model designed to support efficient machine code generation, including fine-grained control over dynamic and static behaviors.

Although there are many changes in this release, the main highlight is that the LLVM back-end, which uses LLVM 7.x or later for code generation, is now full-featured and mature on i386 and x86_64 Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS platforms. Other highlights include:

  • A backtrace is printed when the program exits due to an unhandled error.

  • Linking is faster, with a new -jobs option to use multiple processes.

  • Compiler warning improvements, including colorized output.

  • Optimizations to limited integer types.

  • Support for building C++ code as part of a Dylan project.

  • A new lldb wrapper script that preloads the Dylan integration scripts.

  • Run-time primitives to aid in profiling and event logging.

For full details on changes in this release see the release notes, or go directly to the download page.

For more information on Open Dylan, see our website and our documentation.

Good luck and happy Dylan hacking!