Open Dylan 2020.1 Released#

Posted on 10 October 2020

Dear Dylan Hacker,

It is a pleasure for us to announce a new release of Open Dylan.

Some highlights in this release:

  • This is our first release with “batteries included”. The binary distributions contain all necessary dependent libraries, including clang, libunwind, and libgc, making installation much easier.

  • The LLVM back-end is now the default back-end. Its performance is 30% to 40% better than the C or HARP back-ends.

  • The LLVM back-end now tracks function inlining in generated debug information, allowing breakpoints to be set in inlined code.

  • Platforms: The AArch64 (64-bit ARM) platform is now supported on Linux.

  • The compiler now displays a text mode progress bar during the compilation and link phases. (The new progress-stream library also is available for users.)

  • Network: A deadlock that occurred when shutting down listening socket threads has been fixed.

  • IO: A number of bugs in the locators library were fixed, resolve-locator was added, and various definitions in the print module were documented.

  • Testworks now generates reports in JSON format, along with other Testworks improvements.

For full details on changes in this release see the release notes, or go directly to the download page.

For more information on Open Dylan, see our website and our documentation.

Good luck and happy Dylan hacking!