Open Dylan 2022.1 Released#

Posted on 28 November 2022

Dear Dylan Hacker,

It is a pleasure for us to announce a new release of Open Dylan.

Some highlights in this release:

  • This release comes with “batteries included”. The binary distributions contain all necessary dependent libraries, including clang, libunwind, and libgc, making installation much easier.

  • Support has been added for linking executable Dylan libraries and all of their dependencies into a single unified executable using the -unify build option.

  • A new dylan tool manages Dylan workspaces. It provides a centralized catalog of Dylan packages and a way to manage dependencies without resorting to Git submodules or needing to manually create registry files.

  • The 64-bit RISC-V architecture (rv64gc ISA) is now supported on Linux.

  • Updates to various libraries included with Open Dylan: collections, io, system, ssl, testworks.

For full details on changes in this release see the release notes, or go directly to the download page.

For more information on Open Dylan, see our website and our documentation.

Good luck and happy Dylan hacking!